Forewarned is forearmed !

Hi !!

A few visitors to this blog have suggested that I add a ‘sticky post’ (one that would always head the page) to give new visitors an idea (warning?) about what the blog holds. Never one to frown at borrowing ideas, I’ve borrowed the idea.

So, here’s what this blog’s about –

While my work (namely the stuff that I do to bring home the bacon) has involved a fair amount of writing over the years – correspondence, notes, reports, minutes, legalese, academic content, training manuals, and so on – I haven’t written much for public consumption.

I’ve kept telling myself, though, that I should write a few more times – to put down things that I recall or have arrived at – for those who may find something in my writing that interests them, for those close to me, and for myself. Those close to me will, I hope, feel obligated to read my stuff, and may then marvel at how someone who didn’t have much to say so far except to students in class (where he doesn’t know when to stop), now feels free to write for anyone willing to read.

Well, I guess I’ve reached the age where a foot in the mouth can’t kill me.

Therefore, dear reader, I subject you to this blog.

What will I write about? I’ll ramble. Rambling, I suppose, is what bloggers do, and must be one of the joys of blogging. However, I’ll try not to get into totally mindless rambling, and it’s to remind myself of that resolution that I’ve titled this blog as I have. The title represents the tempering of the somewhat extreme but more common thought – Nothing To Lose. I won’t be going that far, not just yet!

So, let’s see…

– Music, musicians, events, stories – rock, jazz, and blues; Western and Indian classical.

– Good reads – the classics, contemporary fiction, essays, poetry, everday philosophy, history, current events, and opinions that matter.

– Travel – the little I’ve done, what I’ve read about, and day-dreams.

– My Generation – our quirks, our goof-ups, and the bits we got right.

These, and more like these, are the things I intend to write about in future posts. I’ll write when the spirit moves me, and I hope it moves me often!

As the cliche goes – Watch This Space !!